Canaan Staff


     Pastor Joel has a family of 6 including his wife Rosemene, daughters Tabitha, Bilah, and Hannah, and his sons Nehemiah and Jaftah.  Pastor Joel plays a vital role in Canaan, has a multitude of roles.  In the typical week Pastor Joel leads the adult bible study on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Pastor Joel also counsels and helps take care of the children.  When Pastor Joel is not busy in his role as a pastor, he is working as a carpenter on the ongoing building projects. 


      Pastor Henri began working with the ministry here in Canaan during its beginning in 1991.  Pastor Henri has two children, his daughter Pascal and his son Jeremie.  When Pastor Henri is in Canaan he spends his time in several different positions.  He spends quite a bit of time counseling (adults and youth), resolving conflicts, general administration, and overseeing the building projects.  Pastor is very involved in the drug rehabilitation center as well as farming, preaching, securing supplies, and taking care of the children. 



      Sister Gladys is the head administrator of the ministries in Canaan. She keeps track of the legal issues pertaining to the ministry here, as well as acting as a liaison between Canaan and its financial supporters. Sister Gladys leads bible study with the older children and oversees the school. Sister Gladys is also responsible for making plans for Canaan's direction. She has quite a bit to do with these things but also manages to help resolve problems, counsel children and adults, assign tasks for the workers, and handle all public relations. She has six children, three of which live with her in Canaan, Priscilla, Joshua, and Zilpa.  Sister Gladys and Roland Mecklembourg founded Canaan in 1991.