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Who Am I? What Am I Thankful For?

I decided to ask some of the older students what their ambitions were for
the future.  I gave them some time in class to write down what they plan to
do with their lives.  I was quite amazed at some of their dreams!

Ketia St. Jacques

This is what I want to do.  I want to be a nurse, and a computer programmer.  Why I want to be a nurse is because I like to take care of sick people.  I want to be a computer programmer because I love typing.  I want to do the best I can for these thigns with God's help.  I really want to be a servant of God and maybe a singer for God.  I want to help children who don't have parents because I love kids.  I want to do these things.

Cenofa Seneus

I want to be a pilot so I can learn more about flying machines and so that I can study more about gravity.  I would like to help the needy also.  I want to do things ust as the Bible says.

Erve Joseph

My ambition in life is to become a doctor.  The reason I want to become a doctor is because I like to help sick people.  I could help sick people all day long and not feel tired at all. Another reason that stimulates me to become a doctor is because I was born with club feet and I received a surgery for free.  I have this crammed in my memory.  The only way I can repay that is to become a doctor and help those who are in need.  The world needs honest Christian doctors because for the increasing rate of diseases and suffering people. 

Jean Wesly Alcin

I would like to be an electrician, because I like working on electricity.  I have fun doing that job.  I would like to come up with some new invention.  The other reason I like electricity is when I'm reading books about those great scientists, like Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison and even Benjamin Franklin.  I see how helpful those guys' inventions are to the world and that makes me have a great ambition of becoming like them.  Maybe I would also like to be a plumber.  Those two jobs work together.  I like plumbing because it is a cool job.  In the town where I live, I would like to be one of the best plumbers.  Because if you are the best, then everybody will want you to work for them.  I would do a good job for them.  With the money I could help the kids that are sleeping in the streets.

Stephenson Jeanty

I would like to be an electrician because I like electonic stuff, and also because electricity makes things work easier.  My ambition is to make things easier.  Not only for my own pleasure, but also for everyone's pleasure.  Me and everyone could enjoy it!

Kesmy St. Louis

I want to be a great pastor, because where I live not many people are there who wants to preach to the unbelievers.  I also want to be a missionary if it is God's will.  I want to finish school, because without it I won'd be able to do anything for myself or to those who are needing  help.   In everything God is first and education is second.  I really want an education because I don't have hands.  Without having hands, I can't do other things that do not need an education. 

Zilpa Mecklembourg

I want to be a singer because since when I was a kid I always wanted to be one.  I hope that God will give me the wisdom to.  I love to sing for the lord, Christian songs that is what kind of songs I would like to sing.  I hope I can know how to sing good!

RoseMay Normil

My ambition is to serve people that have needs, because I have saw lots of people who want to be something, but the people who are in charge of the country don't care about them.  I would like to be a typewriter also because I would like to help in this ministry.  So the people in charge could have a little break.  If I was already a typewriter, there would be no need for Sister Gladys to stay up and work until 10:00.  I would be there to help.

Renette St. Jacques

I want to be a servant of God first.  I want to be a nurse, because I would like to take care of sicknesses.  I want to be a helper also.  I want to help those who need help and to take care of kids.  I would like to be a song leader, not to please people but to please God.

Joshua Mecklembourg

I would like to be a scientist.  It will help me do alot of things.  I don't want to waste my time playing around.  I want to focus on science.  I would like to be a good, faithful, scientist.  I would like to do another job, but I can't remember the name.  It's kind of the real job I want to do.  I would like to be a musician also.  I want my job to be a serious job so that God can be proud of me, and my parents and all my family.  I hope God will bless me with these kinds of things I want to do.  I really really want to be a good scientist, and the other job that I said I forgot the name of, and a musician.  And a good servant of God.

Edgard Miliace

I would like to finish school and go to college to study mechanics, because I like working and putting things together and fixing things, and I see that it will be helpful for those that are living around me.  If they have something broken I would be able to fix it for them.  This is one of my ambitions for the future if it is in God's will.

Micar Almicar

I want to be a servant of God to teach the Word because God is great.  I want to obey when people talk to me.  I have to change my life so I can be that kind of servant of the Lord.  I want to finish school at 19 years old, and I will pray for that.

Betty Villard

I want to be a singer and a doctor.  I want to be a singer because I see it is going to work out lie for me and it will change my heart more the it is changed now.  I think it is good to be a good singer for Christ, and I think God likes it when we worship him.  I would also like to be a doctor because I think I should help others who are very ill so they can get better and I think it is God's plan for me to do that.

Edna Gaetan

I would like to be a doctor.  I would like to be a missionary and teach the word of God.  I would like to help kids with no mom or dad.  I want to be a good cook and a driver also.  I want to be a good servant of God everywhere I go.

Jeremy Gaetjens

I want to finish school.  Then, I would like to be an actor.  I would like to make action movies or I would like to be a basketball star, and be a man of God.

Irlange Raphael

This is what I would like to be, a beautician.  When I grow up I would want to do that because I like it.


My life ambition is to be a good engineer because I like the way the engineer plans to build a beautiful house for people.

Fabiola Almicar

My ambition is to be a missionary to make people change their lives.  I would like to be a nurse also to make people feel well and help them too.  Maybe a sewing teacher so I can help others.  I would like to be a singer for Christ also.

Ismael Iscar

My ambition is to serve God all the rest of my life.  Without him I am nothing.  If I am serving God, He will make me do all of the things I want to do.